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You need to figure out your finances -- especially how much money you can bring in realistically!...

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You're feeling pretty dang great about yourself -- you're there when friends need you, all your...

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You need to face up to whatever is going on today -- even if it's incredibly uncomfortable! Try to...

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You should try every little crazy idea that comes to mind today -- at least one of them should work...

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You need to step back and really take a good look at that one situation in your group of friends....

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Spend some time alone today -- you need to do some deep thinking, and you need to be able to do it...

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You need to ask people what's up today -- maybe a half-dozen times each -- before anything becomes...

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You should do your best to avoid the temptation to hold on too tightly to people -- it's not so bad...

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When it comes to the small stuff, you'd rather pay someone to handle it all, if possible -- but...

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Speak up early today and let your new crush know how you feel. If there's no crush to be had, then...

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You're not the weirdest person in your group, most likely, but on days like today it can feel like...

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You've got a good sense of what that one hottie is really thinking, so trust your instincts and go...

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