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You're feeling a bit crazed over recent developments in your love life -- which could just mean a...

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You don't like to rely on your instincts all the time -- it's nice to get some feedback and think...

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You're feeling unusually jealous today, even if you're single. Friends or possessions may have you...

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Listen to your heart -- it's filled with more wisdom than usual, and that's saying quite a lot....

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People are pushing you to step up and do something -- and on any other day, you would. Right now,...

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A family member wants to chat with you -- or see you in person. Don't worry, though, it's not like...

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Your people are in need of some serious loving from you, so step up and give them what they want....

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Your temptation today has to do with control issues -- and you need to take a pass. It may feel...

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If you can stay fluid and adjust your movements to what's really going on around you, then you...

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There's simply no mistaking what the issues on the table are -- you just have to decide what to do...

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Your emotions might get the better of you if you don't use that big ol' brain to help get them in...

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The 'L' word might pop up today -- and not on a movie. If you're seeing someone, things could get...

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