Scorpio Monthly Dating Horoscope

Month of June 2024

Connections can create deep intimacy at the start of the month when Mercury enters Gemini on June 3. Words can transform your relationship for the better, so don’t be afraid to talk about kinks. Especially since sensual pillow talk could change your life during the Gemini new moon on the sixth. 

Your best date night will be when Mars enters Taurus on June 8. Kick off the summer with a hot romance that could go all the way. It’s time to make it official with a lover and take things to the next level.

Long-distance relationships can thrive when Venus enters Cancer on the seventeenth, because love truly knows no zip code. You can develop deep connections through texts and serious talks when Mercury enters Cancer later that day. Learning a new perspective can open your heart and mind. 

Expand your dating horizons when the sun enters Cancer on June 20. This is a great time to have a summer fling while you’re traveling. It could go the distance with a little effort. Don’t be afraid to get flirty during the Capricorn full moon on the twenty-first. Use your voice to go after the one you truly desire. It’s a great day to ask someone out, Scorpio. 

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Monthly Love Horoscope

On June 8, the transit of your power planet Mars into logical earth sign Taurus shifts your focus toward being more practical and stable in current relationships. You’re looking to build something real and tangible, so only IRL relationships interest you now. If you’ve been talking to someone online who won’t video chat or meet in person, they’re probably a catfish. The Mars-Pluto square on the eleventh finds your co-rulers dueling it out for control, and the intense energy heightens emotions and brings strong urges. Your need to assert...

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Monthly Work Horoscope

Finding structure in your relationship has been affecting your work projects. Luckily, the planetary moonwalk of Saturn on June 29 will have a project return to you and several opportunities that seemed over to come back your way. It will end the havoc and bring calmness into your life.  Not only that, but a good time to ask for a raise is during the new moon on the sixth. Your bank account will be filled with prosperity and money (something it’s been lacking). Be cognizant of how you spend your money then.  Don’t take any unnecessary risks,...

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Scorpio Daily Dating Horoscope

June 16

You're actually just following the day's energy right now. Stick with your own ideals and you'll be much happier. Nothing can ruin your good mood today, so keep smiling and moving forward.

Scorpio Weekly Dating Horoscope

Week of June 16, 2024

Monday will be just as good as last weekend, and you can expect some serious respect from all the right people. The next few days will get pretty intense as your big ideas start to influence the way you decide to live your life. You might need to resist a big temptation that comes your way this...

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