Scorpio Monthly Dating Horoscope for Month of July 2022

Month of July 2022

July begins on a very romantic note when Mars enters Taurus and Mercury enters Cancer on July 4. If you’ve been going strong with your current love affair, it might be time to make it official. You’ll need a partner in crime for the rest of your summer adventures, Scorpio.

Ask your current love interest to be your one and only during the full moon in Capricorn on the thirteenth. Serious conversations could lead to major relationship changes. Celebrate your love by taking a trip together when Venus enters Cancer on July 17 and explore the depths of romance.

While your love life feels like a fairy tale, remember to get serious when Mercury enters Leo on the nineteenth. If you still don’t know where you stand in your relationship, you need to ask now! Especially since the sun enters Leo on July 22, encouraging you to think about the future and how your partner fits into it.

Have deep talks about the future with your lover during the new moon in Leo on the twenty-eighth. Whether you’re changing your relationship status or daydreaming about the future together, you might be taking a major step in #relationshipgoals. Have fun!

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