Rat Yearly Chinese Horoscope

Year of 2023

Making Things Happen

In the year of the water Rabbit, Rat natives might feel an air of competition. Fortunately, you love competition. This year, Rat, you feel inspired, ready to scale to new heights and new levels of prosperity, and this brings a sense of self-satisfaction. So, while this will be a busy year and you could go head-to-head with other candidates for jobs and other opportunities, it can be a very exhilarating year. You won’t be sitting still, nor will you want to. In 2023, you’re ready to go through the doors that others open for you.

You are in the fourth year of your twelve-year cycle. If you consider this cycle like a year on a farm, this is the beginning of summer. Rat, you are starting to see some of the results from your last three years of hard work. You’ve planted a lot of seeds and now there are sprouts (in the form of better relationships, profits from business and success from activities). Over the course of 2023, you will want to nurture and protect these little seedlings. After a long wait, you are starting to see results.

This can be an extraordinarily lucky year for Rat natives. Of course, fortune favors the prepared. You’ve been working to create your own luck by taking action on various projects and learning new skills. Now things are coming together. It’s time to get out of the workroom and meet new people. It’s likely you will meet a “connector,” someone who can introduce you to many helpful people. These are the ones who will assist you up the ladder of success.

The year of the water Rabbit can bring some challenges around friendships and groups. It’s possible that you and your friends aren’t making time to see each other. A good friend might move far away and you’ll only be able to see them through video chats. A special group event could be canceled due to the weather or difficulties with the venue (to be safe, only buy refundable plane tickets). Rat, you’ll need to be patient and flexible with your schedule to make things work.

In 2023, you are as action-oriented as usual. The focus this year will be on communication with others from all walks of life. It’s likely you’ll feel comfortable talking to anyone about anything, and this could bring some very interesting and useful connections.

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