Cancer Yearly Horoscope

Year of 2023

Cancer, you’re a polite, sometimes moody sign who’s comfortable staying in the background for the most part. And even though in 2023 you’re still the same shy Crab you’ve always been, there are going to be more times when you’re ready to step up and call more attention to yourself.

Take the new moon and solar eclipse in powerfully fiery Aries in mid-April, for example. With the emotional moon, your ruler, paired with a firecracker like the aggressive Ram in your house of status, this will be an intense coming-out party. 

You’ll be extremely motivated to reach out and start new projects now, as well as meet new people. And while taking the initiative will be your strength, following up with the details won’t, so make sure you have plenty of help before committing to something from start to finish.

When pushy Mars barges into your sign at the end of March, it could feel like an interruption at first. However, while Mars is visiting your house of self-image, Cancer, you can gain more personal power to use to your advantage.

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