Leo Yearly Horoscope

Year of 2024

You love being in the spotlight, Leo, but as a new year begins with our wise teacher Saturn partnered with receptive, creative Pisces and your eighth house of merging and transformation, a lot of planetary energy will be focused on the concept of sharing. Can you play well with others? Of course you can, but because you also have a selfish side, this year has a lot to teach you when it comes to being generous and sharing what you have.

Rebellious Uranus is slow and steady in Taurus and your house of public life again this year, which continues to be an uneven matchup. Because change-seeking Uranus isn’t at its best in stubborn Taurus, you’ll be making those changes we talked about above and getting the recognition you deserve at a much slower pace than you’d probably like, so persistence will be required to get through this year’s challenges. Just keep remembering that slow and steady wins the race, and that long-term payoffs can be big if you’re willing to wait.

The late summer months are usually your favorite time of year, and as you celebrate your birthday at some point between late July and late August this year, you might be more thankful for what you have than in years past. Yes, you will get the attention you crave on your special day, but this year gives you the capacity to truly feel wiser and not just another year older. Is it possible that maybe you’re finally growing up a little, Leo? The Universe says yes, it is, but don’t ever lose that playful spirit!

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