Leo Yearly Horoscope

Year of 2024

Oftentimes, your actual career isn’t as important to you as your professional reputation, and, yes, there is a difference. The goal is to have those two things line up, of course, but if you have to choose this year, you’ll probably want people to think that you’re doing better than you actually are.

Serious, hardworking Saturn is the planet that represents ambition and career goals, and as it moves through Pisces and your house of renewal this year, Leo, you might be asked to change or share your current job roles. Your fear of losing control is big during these types of transitions, but try to consider that the outcome will probably be a lot more favorable than what you envision.

Saturn is retrograde from late June to mid-November, putting a temporary hold on a lot of forward progress you were making. So, although you’ll want to postpone asking for a raise or promotion, you can still do some very valuable inner work that can lead to better things down the road. Spend time now thinking about how you can be helpful to other people and how they can be helpful to you. Taking a mature look at what you need from others at the workplace helps you find better ways to interact and be part of a team when necessary, which leads to future success.

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