Aquarius Rising

Meaning of Rising Sign

Aquarius rising means that Aquarius was the zodiac sign that was on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. As an Aquarius rising, you're ruled by air, and your ruling planets are Saturn—the planet of rules, structure, work and determination—and Uranus—the planet of spontaneity, risk and changes.

Now, it might be difficult to comprehend these two planets together; one offers structure and plans while the other suggests breaking rules and taking risks. How is it that they can rule the same sign?

Well, as you will find, Aquarius is not only a complex sign that craves freedom but is also logical in the sense that they need a step-by-step approach to life.


This sign rules the calves, shins and circulatory system. Often, Aquarius risings have fair skin that might even look like it lacks circulation. They may have “lighter” tones to their hair color, eyes and skin.

Additionally, this person tends to have long features—particularly in the legs. An Aquarius rising person will wow others with their slender figure, tall stature and strong gams.

Because this sign is eccentric, an Aquarius rising dresses as such. They enjoy unique clothing pieces (no “brand-name” stuff here!), vintage or used accessories and bright colors. Honestly, you would be able to tell someone is an Aquarius rising just by looking at their closet.


  • Aloof
  • Curious
  • Distant
  • Helpful
  • Individual
  • Intelligent
  • Open-minded
  • Quirky
  • Unique


An Aquarius rising is curiously dynamic. For example, they might come across as cold or unemotional at first. But, deep down, they are extremely warm and humanitarian. They could appear inflexible or stubborn (they are a fixed sign, after all!), but they are also incredibly open-minded. They enjoy working together in groups but feel a need to make sure they stand out. All of this dichotomy stems from the two planets that rule this sign: individualistic Uranus and structured Saturn.

This sign is an intellectual air sign. So, logic, curiosity and an interest in learning all come naturally to this person. Often Aquarius rising natives find themselves in careers that involve the ability to challenge their intellect among the minds of others—such as teaching or counseling.

Another profession that Aquarius rising natives tend to fall into: writing. This placement loves to share their thoughts, but they are much less vocal than Gemini and much more willing to cause waves than Libra. So, writing out their thoughts tends to be the best way to get the message across.

Because Aquarius is very much on-the-go, this sign (as well as Gemini rising) can be prone to nervousness or anxiety. Keeping a relaxed state as often as possible is the best way for them to stay grounded.

The first impression an Aquarius rising gives off to others is someone caring, freedom-fighting, interesting and definitely quirky. They might find it hard to keep up with this person at first, as everything an Aquarius rising says and does is so in-the-moment. But, you can be sure, they will never bore you!