Scorpio Rising

Meaning of Rising Sign

Scorpio rising means that Scorpio was the zodiac sign that was on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. As a Scorpio rising, you're ruled by water, and your ruling planets are Pluto—the planet of transformation and evolution—and Mars—the planet of anger, passion, sex and war.


They say eyes are windows to the soul, right? Well, of course, Scorpio, the zodiac sign most likely to cut deep into your soul, rip it open and bare all, has to have some magnetic pull here as a rising sign. Scorpio rising natives have the most penetrating and mystical eyes. Take one look at them, and you will never want to look away.

Another saying, “tall, dark and handsome,” can also apply to Scorpio rising people. Scorpio rules the 8th House of death, shadow sides, mystery and secrets. Apply this to an outside persona, and you get Scorpio rising: the curious, brooding, charming person that you can't help but want to know more about. This rising sign often has sunken eyes, so you fixate more on them. They might also be quite tall, creating an illusion of dominance. (They are ruled by Pluto, the planet of power, after all!)


  • Alluring
  • Determined
  • Intimidating
  • Intuitive
  • Loyal
  • Mysterious
  • Persuasive
  • Private
  • Withholding


In general, Scorpio is not a “sharer.” With the rising sign—the sign that represents how we portray ourselves to the world—you can imagine a Scorpio rising isn't one to be outwardly open. Find this sign back in the corner of the room, watching and silently judging others. And, when you get them into a conversation, get ready for the hard-hitting questions because they want to know all. Just don't ask anything about them. Even if they were someone who enjoys small talk, they probably won't open up to you.

Scorpio is a fixed, water sign—which, if you think about it, basically symbolizes ice. Because rising signs represent how we come off to others, it can paint Scorpio rising natives as cold, unemotional or even unfriendly. While that's not always the case, Scorpio rising's personalities do take time to open up. In doing so, they never overshare, give up power or trust others before others trust them. However, this also makes them authentic and someone only willing to keep authentic and loyal people in their midst.

It can be hard for this sign to let someone in. They will in time, and, when they do, you will have their heart forever.

Scorpio energy is also highly intuitive. If you have this placement as a rising sign, it means you're very good at reading others right away. You can tell whether someone is being genuine and act accordingly.

The first impression a Scorpio rising gives off to others is someone quiet, skeptical, a little standoff-ish (potentially) and calculating. Just because Scorpio risings are quiet at first doesn't mean their plotting unnecessary revenge on you. They just take a little (read: a lot) more time to open up.