Aries Rising

Meaning of Rising Sign

Aries rising means that Aries was the zodiac sign that was on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. As an Aries rising, you're ruled by fire, and your ruling planet is Mars, the planet of anger, passion, sex and war.


Aries is a fire sign that rules the head, so much of this comes out in Aries rising appearances. For example, many Aries rising natives have maroon, red or burnt-red hair. This person might change their hairstyle very frequently, often getting bored with it at a moment's notice.

Regarding the face, another telltale sign of an Aries rising could be scars on their face, especially near the eyes.

The shape of the head can be significant here as well. Because Aries can be a bit abrasive, the angles of an Aries rising face may be very defined, pointed or prominent. For example, this person might have a pointy nose or a defined jawline.

As it relates to body shape, Aries rising personalities are likely to have very nice physiques. Aries is the athlete of the zodiac—always moving, competing and thinking about the surface-level “look” of it all. So, Aries risings will naturally place a lot of importance on the way their body looks. This person may be a frequent gym-goer or very attentive to their diet.


  • Competitive
  • Confident
  • Driven
  • Exciting
  • Fearless
  • Impulsive
  • Opinionated
  • Powerful
  • Unpredictable


Because this sign is so incredibly optimistic, energetic and self-starting, an Aries rising personality is extremely engaging. It's hard to be slow when you're around an Aries rising person, and that's because they simply won't let up. Their energy is high flying and never-ending, which is as inspiring as it can be exhausting.

Above all, this rising sign is straightforward and competitive. Stay on your toes with them, as they will likely challenge you at something (childish or not)—bowling, air hockey or even to see who can finish their drink faster. They tell it like it is, so it's best not to be too sensitive around them. While they might not be able to take the heat back (they're also sensitive), they will quickly forget and move on because they don't waste time—on anything or anyone.

One important note about the Aries rising personality is that this sign is extremely impulsive. Because this is the first sign of the zodiac, the “baby,” they typically aren't very patient about getting what they desire. When this sign thinks of an idea, it's usually act first, think later. While this makes them quite fearless, it can also get them into some sticky situations. With an Aries rising, this can come across in terms of literal movement. So, this person might move around a lot—from city to city or state to state.

But this is what makes an Aries rising so endearing. They are big proponents of the “now.” They live in the moment, no questions asked. And they rarely regret anything they try once. What a way to live!

The way this person comes across to others can be a little difficult to handle at times. They are extremely powerful people—without really meaning to be. And, if the people they meet aren't able to keep up with their energy or their very frank humor, they may run into people who consider them to be too aggressive.