Leo Rising

Meaning of Rising Sign

Leo rising means that Leo was the zodiac sign that was on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. As a Leo rising, you're ruled by fire, and your ruling planet is the sun, the planet of ego, identity and personality.


One key trait that most Leo risings have is a strong, thick mane! This placement embodies their sign, the Lion, with long, luscious and full locks.

Because Leo rules the spine, shoulders and heart, you can bet that every Leo rising you see has impeccable posture. They believe that standing tall is equivalent to success. So, their posture shows it all.

Additionally, ruling the shoulders and upper back, Leo rising natives will have naturally strong shoulders and muscles. Even without going to the gym, they might be able to throw a large weight on their shoulders or pick someone up.

Leo also relates to the 5th House of children—and, as such, this sign tends to appear youthful in all respects. Their face never seems to age. They may dress a little young for their age. Or they might wear lavish “costume jewelry” just for the fun of it. There's no use in being an adult if you can't play like a child, right?


  • Bright
  • Confident
  • Dramatic
  • Generous
  • Optimistic
  • Romantic
  • Showy
  • Strong
  • Warm


Many consider Leo to be a self-involved or childish sign. While it's true that this placement is prone to temper tantrums or bickering, it's mostly because Leo rising is dramatic. It's less about thinking about themselves and more about the “performance” and process of getting what they want.

That said, this sign goes big—all the time. And that's all thanks to the sun, the planet of ego and identity. You know those “big personalities?” I bet most of them are Leo risings or have a ton of Leo energy in their chart. So, a Leo rising is likely to be boisterous, bold and have a big voice and laugh.

But the bombastic nature doesn't just end there. It's important to remember that Leo rules the heart. So, anything a Leo does must be something they love. In that case, this placement loves hard. They will go above and beyond for their significant other. They will be lavish, extravagant with their gestures of love. And they will not take “no” for an answer.

In general, everything a Leo rising does is amplified for dramatic effect, of course. This makes Leo rising natives wonderful salesmen, promoters, spokespeople and entertainers. They just have the gift of storytelling and the ability to easily capture attention.

The first impression a Leo rising gives off to others is someone who is fun-loving, approachable, loud and extremely positive. For someone who doesn't know the Leo rising native, they might find their grand ideas or gestures to be overly optimistic. And that's fair because Leo rising tends to go overboard on what's really possible in the world. Overall, the energy a Leo rising gives off can be infectious. But their personality might be a little over-the-top for some people.