Cathy Pagano

Cathy Pagano, M.A. began working with her dreams as a teenager, which led her to train at the C. G. Jung-Institute, Zurich in the late '70s. While there, Carl Jung's daughter advised her to study astrology and since then, she has used astrology in her private psychotherapy practice. She combines her knowledge of archetypal psychology and astrology with life coaching, grounding clients in their inner life and offering practical solutions for their outer goals. She specializes in individual and couples counseling, and teaches classes on feminine consciousness and spirituality. Cathy also leads dream groups, and finds great pleasure in helping her clients work with their dreams and seeing them open up to the wisdom of their souls. Her goal is to help people individuate, Carl Jung's name for becoming your unique Self and finding your soul's purpose.

Cathy writes new and full Moon newsletters for a progressive news site on the Web, and is in the final edit for a book on empowering women to find their Feminine Wisdom. Her archetypal movie reviews also show up on the Web when she sees a movie that she feels has something to say to our collective evolution. Cathy's astrological influences are Dane Rudhyar, Richard Tarnas, Liz Greene, Steven Arroyo, Steven Forrest, Jeff Green, Alice Howell and Tracy Marks, as well as her favorite teacher, Boston's Frances McEvoy. An East Coast girl, she is living in the desert at the moment. Cathy is accepting new clients and does most of her work over the phone. Cathy can be reached at
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