Jo-Anne Penn-Kast

Greetings! My name is Jo-Anne Penn-Kast, but you can call me Jo. I’m not a psychic (I don’t think), nor a mystical guru, and I don’t do card tricks. In fact, I’m more than usually ordinary. But I do know some extraordinary stuff. Call it a gift for learning everything the hard way.

Join me on my sometimes twisted exploration of the tarot as I attempt to pull back the veil to expose, not an illusion, but genuine scientific magic, organic formulas, methods, and the sustainable power which we all possess for directing our goals, achieving a heart's desire, or otherwise Mastering our place in the Universe. And when all else fails, you can bear witness to my semi-annual meltdown.

It's an Apocalypse of the Occult! Or is it Oxymorons in Paradox?

My ongoing work continues to lift the occult veil from its long history of use as an exploitive fortune-telling parlor trick cloaked in esoteric mystery to expose that the Tarot is fundamentally a revelation of the science of life for the art of living.

My methods: include linking the co-creative mysteries of the universe and the mysteries of the heart, and superimposing their naturally symmetrical, geometric patterns and conspicuous absences over the living kaleidoscope of our common experiences.

My mission: To blow down the esoteric house of cards with anytime tarot for everyday people; to unravel and translate the tarot's underlying universal pattern language and access its enduring truth. This, in order to gain a better understanding of our unique, reciprocal and paradoxical observer/participant role in predicting, and thus shaping, a more sustainable, rewarding life in the unfolding process.

My purpose: To make tarot accessible by anyone, anytime as a valid practical and predictive tool for improving relationships, reducing stress and fear, confidence boosting, personal exploration, and empowered decision making -- or, just for fun!

In other words; I want to help you make connections so you can put zest into your quest, find your groove -- and get what you really want out of life.

It works for me and I know it can work for you too.

My vitals: I'm self-taught in every sense of the word, but I do hold degrees in Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, and Social Science and am certified by the American Tarot Association as a Professional Tarot Reader. I'm an entrepreneur and the author/creator of all tarot related readings and tarot content here at (Save for any featured articles by guest authors) I'm also the author/creator of the itarot apps (free, deluxe, and extreme) for the iphone and ipad.

My husband is the programmer god of it all. We live in Connecticut with our three kids, six mutant rescue cats, and some ghosts who still inhabit our Fool's Paradise. I'm sometimes on facebook, and vent in spurts at twitter as madhattrchattr.

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