Kiki T.

Born a double Scorpio, Kiki T. began her astro adventures at the tender age of 11. Like any self-respecting Scorpio, obsession led Kiki to astrology. In dire love with fellow Scorpio, Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran, Kiki was convinced he was her soul mate. Astrology confirmed their compatibility and Kiki was hooked.

Following those years, Kiki got off her Simon Le Bon obsession, mastered the finer points of this starry maze of manipulation. Her columns have appeared throughout the world, in publications such as Playgirl, Jane, New York Post Page Six Magazine, Teen Vogue, Twist, Scarlet UK,, and

However, her pride and joy is her astral opus: “The Celestial Sexpot’s Handbook” (Grand Central Press), which reveals all of Kiki’s devilish observations and offer 20 comprehensive pages on each of the male zodiac players — from what they are good for in and out of the bedroom, how to seduce them, how to turn them out and even how to dump them or see if they are about to dump you and how to beat him to the punch.

Currently, Kiki lives in NYC and enjoys a charmed life. To find out more about her, check out her website, “fortunekiki." And for up-to-date astrological breaking news, link to Kiki’s twitter under the name “astrosexologist.”
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