Kim Rogers-Gallagher

Kim Rogers-Gallagher has been a professional astrologer/writer/lecturer for 21 years. After years of investigating permanent nesting spots, she's settled happily in Florida with her trusty computer, far too many pets, and a bottle of deep-tanning lotion. Kim is the author of 'Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain' and 'Astrology for the Light Side of the Future' (ACS Publications, San Diego) and has co-authored several other works. In addition to writing, she loves to teach. Kim lectures internationally, both for major conferences and local groups. Her monthly, weekly and daily columns appear in 'Dell Horoscope' and on several astrological websites. She served on the board of ISAR (the International Society for Astrological Research), was a Steering Committee Member of AFAN (the Association For Astrological Networking) and is a past editor of ISAR's quarterly journal, The International Astrologer. For fees regarding readings or lectures, contact her at
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