Rebecca Roman

Born a Gemini with a Sagittarius Rising, Rebecca has a never-ending supply of energy and is constantly on the search for new and exciting experiences. She is the youngest of six girls in her family and, throughout the years, astrology has given her insight into her sister's personalities and other important people in her life.

Like most Geminis, her immense curiosity and ability to multitask has led her to explore many creative endeavors. After traveling to Egypt, she was inspired by the use of art and symbols within Egyptian tombs and ruins. She decided to do a deep exploration of the zodiac, illustrating each of the signs with lots and lots of detail --highlighting the symbols, characteristics and colors associated with each one. During this project, she read about and discovered the importance for each sign to channel their energy through creativity. Otherwise, it's likely they will become a nuisance to themselves and everyone around them!

Within her blog, "Expressively Yours", Rebecca interprets astrology through her writing and illustrations. She seeks to inspire individuals to create and keep up their motivation.

She currently enjoys life in the San Francisco Bay Area and makes beautifully illustrated zodiac art and custom birth charts. To find out more about her, check out her website, illustrology, or feel free to email her at
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