Suzanne White

Suzanne White, the High Priestess of Chinese and Western astrology, has been writing about the Chinese Zodiac for over 33 years, and is considered one of the most well-known and respected experts on both Chinese Astrology and Western Astrology. Suzanne currently has four best-selling books: The New Astrology, Chinese Astrology, The New Chinese Astrology and Suzanne White's Guide to Love. Her books have been published in 15 languages including Chinese. Suzanne White not only draws from her Chinese Astrology and Western Astrology background, but also from her life and extensive work experience. Her many and varied experiences include being a shoe salesperson, a novelist, asimultaneous translator, an elevator operator, director of a Parisian Couture Boutique, a fireworks sales person, an interpreter, a college professor, a fashion model and a journalist. Suzanne White is most famous for her new and innovative way of bringing both Chinese Astrology and Western Astrology together in her groundbreaking book The New Astrology. Suzanne White popularized combining Chinese Astrology and Western Astrology in order to give people a more detailed and in-depth understanding of their personalities and the outside forces affecting their destiny and life.
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