Glossary of Terms


The Signs are classified by their Qualities: Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable. Also referred to as modalities or quadruplicities.

An arc of 150 degrees. Also known as the inconjunct; this aspect creates a certain uneasiness and a feeling of discomfort and has karmic lessons to teach us. It is a minor aspect.

See "Report."

An interpretation of one's birth chart. Also known as delineation.

When a planet appears to be traveling backwards from our perspective on Earth. The energy of a retrograde planet is less assertive and more internalized.

Rising Sign:
Also known as the Ascendant. The degree at which the Zodiac rests over the eastern horizon of the birthplace at the moment of one's birth; commonly refers to the Sign which is peering over the horizon at that very moment. A new Sign rises approximately every two hours. The Rising Sign represents one's persona and image to the world.

Represents discipline, responsibility, ambition, restriction, limitation, and delays. It also rules older people, tradition, authority, structure, patience, and wisdom through perseverance and age. It teaches us our lessons in life.

Second House:
Also known as the House of Possessions. It describes your material assets, monetary income, and the potential ways it may be earned. It also indicates what you value throughout life.

Secondary Progressions:
See "Progressions."

An arc of 30 degrees. This aspect creates unease; it is a minor aspect.

Seventh House:
Also known as the House of Partnership. It represents marriage, joint partnerships, ventures, and business partnerships. It also rules divorce, legalities, open confrontations, contracts, lawsuits, and negotiations.

An arc of 60 degrees; this is a favorable aspect. The planets involved are usually in compatible Elements. A sextile allows the influences of the planets to work in harmony; it brings forth opportunity.

See "Sun Sign."

Sixth House:
Also known as the House of Health. It is about your job, routine, daily responsibilities, diet, employees, pets, and physical fitness. It also addresses a fulfillment of duty and the conscious mind.

When the Sun reaches its maximum declination. This occurs twice a year, at the beginning of Summer and Winter.

An arc of 90 degrees which is traditionally regarded as unfavorable. It represents the struggle of two forces at cross purposes. A square brings stress and denotes obstacles which can inspire growth through concentrated effort.

Star Sign:
See "Sun Sign."

A meeting of three or more planets or points which usually occurs within one Sign or House and is a focal point of energy.

Represents the ego, self, willpower, your uniqueness and your individuality. It is your identity. It also represents the Father and male influences in one's life.

Sun Sign:
What people think of as their "Sign" or "Star Sign." It is the position of the Sun in the Zodiac at the moment of one's birth. The Sign placement of the Sun shows an individual's basic character. It is the core of one's potential and uniqueness as an individual.

Comparing natal charts to find strengths and weaknesses in the area of compatibility.

The configuration formed when two planets in opposition both square the same third planet (and form a "T" in the heavens). This is a challenging focal point for planetary energies.

Tenth House:
Also known as the House of Social Status. It represents one's vocation, career, profession, ambition, reputation, authority, prestige, and achievements and also rules government. It addresses one's parental influences.

Third House:
Also known as the House of Communication. It is the way in which we express ourselves and think on an intellectual level. It also represents consciousness, siblings, neighbors, and our local environment as well as early education, mechanical dexterity, and short trips.

The position and movement of a planet or point on any given day.

An arc of 120 degrees; the most harmonious aspect. In most cases, it joins planets in congenial Signs of the same Element. These energies combine with ease. The drawback, however, is the lack of challenge -- benefits are derived without effort.

See "Elements."

Twelfth House:
Also known as the House of the Unconscious. It represents the hidden or unknown, the subconscious mind, the intangible, sleep, dreams, karma, and spiritual debt. It rules solitude, confinement, fears, sorrow, secrets, hidden enemies, non-reality, institutions, and charity.

Represents the erratic, the bizarre, and the different. It rules freedom, inventions, originality, computers, technology, science, electricity, revolution, rebellion, and change. Uranus breaks through barriers and tradition.

Represents love, romance, beauty, culture, the aesthetic, affection, one's social appeal and acceptability, good taste, harmony, and values.

Void of course:
A term describing a planet that does not make a major aspect before changing Signs. It is used primarily with respect to the Moon.

Water Signs::
Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Signs belonging to this Element represent an emotional, sensitive, and intuitive nature.

From the Greek "zodiakos," literally meaning "circle of animals." A band in the heavens divided into twelve Signs, each containing 30 degrees of longitude and acting as the barometer for various human traits.