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Birth Data: David Beckham

Birth Date:   May 2, 1975
Birth Hour:   6

Your Chinese Astrology Signs:

YearWood Rabbit
MonthMetal Dragon
DayEarth Monkey
HourWood Rabbit

Table of Contents
Your Three Blessings Reading
Section 1 --- Luck
Section 2 -- Prosperity
Section 3 -- Health
Overall Conclusion
Appendix: Chinese Astrology -- An Overview
Appendix: The Chinese Calendar


The Chinese believe the three great blessings of life are luck, prosperity and longevity. Chinese culture is rife with methods for maximizing all three of these blessings in a person's life. The process begins, however, with the framework provided by Chinese astrology. For thousands of years charts have been consulted prior to weddings, marriages, pregnancies and other important occasions. Dates were adjusted and relationships consummated or dissolved in order to insure the greatest chance of receiving the Three Blessings in fullest measure.

These techniques were once available only to the influential. Now everyone has the ability to discover their fate in terms of The Three Blessings. And, with this reading, you now have it too.

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Your Three Blessings Reading

This reading is based on your Year, Month, Day and Hour of birth. From ancient times, the Chinese have believed that certain parameters of your luck and fate were set at your moment of birth. The Chinese are not strict determinists, however, and do believe people can use the information in their charts to improve their lives. It's useful, for example, to know whether you can expect to be lucky and which of the Three Blessings are involved. Then you can prepare in order to maximize the benefits of instances of good luck while minimizing the negative effects of those times when no or bad luck prevails.

As you go through your reading it is important to think in terms of patterns and to look for recurring themes. Human beings and their lives are complex, so no one comment can tell everything. The following reading has been prepared using carefully selected indicators. Ten are used for each of the three blessings, Luck, Prosperity and Longevity or Health.

Luck varies according to time and area of life. By one indicator you could thus be very lucky and another unlucky. This is not a contradiction but, rather, a reflection of the variability principle ruling Luck. It can come and go. It can vary according to age. It can be positive in one area and negative in another.

Unlike Luck, the second blessing, Prosperity, is relatively fixed. That, however, does not refer to timing or the amount you might achieve but rather to your potential for achieving it. It might happen quickly or rather late in life. Or, your financial situation could fluctuate throughout life. Finally, within the parameters of your Fate, you have wide latitude to determine your final outcome.

In this reading the third blessing, Longevity, is expanded to include Health in general. This is logical since Health is a significant contributor to Longevity. It also gives you additional insight into your Fate.

As you can see it is divided into three parts, one for each of The Three Blessings. Luck, although one of the three, is the first among equals as it directly affects them all. It is thus the first blessing to be discussed.

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Section 1 --- Luck


Luck varies greatly from person to person and even at different times in the life of one person. Rarely is a person's Luck all good or all bad. Just as life itself is complicated, so is an analysis of your Luck. To address this complexity this section addresses ten indicators from your chart and will conclude with an overall evaluation of your Luck. You, nevertheless, will be best served by focusing on the details to follow rather than your Luck rating. Your ultimate success in life is more likely to be determined by your degree of self understanding, attitude, and the effort you put forth to achieve your goals. Luck only reflects opportunity afforded by Fate; your destiny is still in your hands, as it is you who chooses what to do with your Luck.

Element Mix

Balance is a strong value according to the Chinese. Its virtues, for example, are extolled in Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching. It is not surprising, then, that the balance revealed in the element matrix of your chart is a strong indicator of your Luck.


Your elements are distributed as follows: 43320. This is slightly unbalanced but relatively normal, showing one strong, three, approximately average and one weak area in terms of your capabilities and life stages. This is NEUTRAL, as you should have sufficient chi (energy/life force) to take advantage of opportunities and to deal with problems during most of your life, with only one period of significant weakness.

Element Cycle

Cyclicality is another key idea in Chinese thought. In Chinese astrology the elements are thought to occur in the following, favorable cycle: Wood - Fire - Earth - Metal - Water - Wood .... There is also an unfavorable cycle: Wood - Earth - Water - Fire - Metal - Wood ....

The natural cycle begins with Wood, which represents spring and new growth. Wood is thus the natural element of the first stage in a person's life. The particular cycles of individuals, however, vary according to their signs. It is lucky if your cycle matches the natural one, unlucky if it corresponds to the unfavorable one, or neutral if otherwise

The first stage of your life cycle is ruled by the element, Earth, which is not the natural element ruling new life. This is UNLUCKY, as your element is in a destructive relationship with the natural order. This not only affects you adversely in the first stage but also throughout life, as your ruling element conflicts with the natural element in every, succeeding one.

Year of Birth

The element cycle also offers insight into whether your year of birth is favorable or not. This, by the way, is different from whether the year is favorable for you. The stars may be aligned against you in your birth year, making it a difficult one. You, nevertheless, benefit your whole life if the year element nourishes your fixed element. In the same manner a destructive element indicates challenges throughout your life. The other three are neutral.

Your birth year element, Wood, is the same as your fixed element. This is NEUTRAL in terms of your luck. It neither adds to nor detracts from your chi (energy/life force).

Month of Birth

Months tend to be favorable or not in generally the same way signs are compatible. If your month of birth is four months apart from the month of your year sign, that is lucky, if three or six months, unlucky. A difference of zero, one, or five months is neutral. Two months can be lucky or neutral depending on the months.

You were born in the month of the Dragon, the third month of the lunar calendar. You are likely to have a positive personality, which includes ambition and a kindly nature. You may find you miss opportunities by focusing too much in one area. On balance this indicator is NEUTRAL.

Day of Birth

There are 28 constellations in Chinese astrology. The one that rules the day you were born exerts a considerable influence on both your personality and your Luck. Some are favorable, others not, and some have a mixed or simply neutral effect.

The constellation ruling your date of birth is Kuei, or Ghost Vehicle, which is associated with the Sheep, South and death, and, therefore, UNLUCKY.

Hour of Birth

An hour in the ancient, Chinese system is actually two hours long in our, modern one. There are thus twelve hours in a Chinese day. Although there are slight variations among some signs, each hour tends to be lucky, unlucky or neutral for all twelve.

You were born during the fourth hour, which is LUCKY, especially in the area of finances.


Someone once said things turn out best when they happen at the right moment. Well, the best moments for Opportunity in life are during the Maturation and Adulthood stages. This is a time education is complete, and you have the maximum resources at your disposal to achieve your goals.

For you the moment of Opportunity is at Maturation, which is LUCKY. This could help you transition from Youth to Adulthood ahead of your peers and, also, jump start your career.


Maturation, the time a person crosses the bridge from Youth to Adulthood, is perhaps the most important time in anyone's life. A strong chi (energy or life force) rating at this time is thus most fortunate.

Your chi rating at Maturation is about average. This indicator is NEUTRAL. In terms of your energy level you are likely to have about the same chance of success as the majority of your peers as you embark upon your career.

Internal Sign Compatibility

Chinese signs can be viewed as the 12 hours on a clock face. This is useful for determining a person’s chance of achieving inner peace and tranquility. Signs that are four hours apart are considered very harmonious while those three hours apart are incompatible. Same signs or those two hours apart are somewhat harmonious while signs six hours apart are very incompatible and represent probable inner conflict. Signs one, five and seven hours apart range anywhere from harmonious to incompatible.

Your overall, internal compatibility is about average, which is NEUTRAL. This may or may not affect your self esteem, self confidence and decisiveness, depending on other factors, including your environment.

Animal Sign

Your sign is presented last, and it may be the least definitive indicator, as it is hard to understand how everyone born in a year has about the same amount of luck. Still, a year group taken as a whole, is distinguished from others in general. And, there is no doubt the Chinese believe certain signs, for example the Dragon, are lucky.

Your Rabbit sign is LUCKY. Your sign for the Vietnamese is the cat, and like the cat, you tend to finish upright after a fall. And, as a Rabbit, peace is generally your lot.


You have three LUCKY, five NEUTRAL and two UNLUCKY indicators. Your fate is that you are LUCKY. You may find that you are luckier than many people. You will have your opportunities, but there will also be some challenges, and you are going to have to work to achieve your goals. You will be more lucky than not at certain times and in different areas, but there will be some that cause you difficulty.

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Section 2 -- Prosperity


For the purposes of this reading prosperity refers to financial to financial success. It includes wealth deriving from earned (wages and business profits) and unearned income, such as stock dividends and real estate profits.

Something to consider is prosperity means different things to different people. Indicators such as expectations, comfort level, and desires go into a complex formula for determining just how much wealth you believe you need to be prosperous. As long as your expectations are reasonably in line with reality, the following observations could give you a good idea of your prospects.

General Indicators

There are several, general indicators that purport to show the amount of prosperity you have the potential to enjoy. You might consider them together as the first among equals. They do not, however, stand alone. It is important to consider many indicators to get a relatively complete picture of your Fate.

Your indicators have an above average rating and are, therefore, LUCKY. Financial success should come relatively easily to you if you apply yourself.

Prosperity and your Sign

Earthly Branch (Animal)

Generally the Rabbit is not well suited to the competitive, stressful world of business. You probably have the Rabbit's love of the finer things in life, and that may motivate you to accumulate Wealth, especially if you are able to take advantage of any creative ability you might have. This indicator is UNLUCKY.

Heavenly Stem (Element)

You were born in a Wood year. This indicator is NEUTRAL, as Metal is the element that best indicates money and the accumulation of wealth.

Month of Birth

You were born in the month of the Dragon, the third month of the lunar calendar. This is a NEUTRAL indicator in considering your potential to accumulate wealth. You could do well, but a failure to build relationships could stop you from reaching your full potential.

Day of Birth

Your birth date is ruled by Kuei or Ghost, an unfavorable omen. It is associated with bad endings and gloom, and, therefore, UNLUCKY.

Hour of Birth

You were born during the fourth hour, which is associated with wealth and a comfortable life and, therefore, LUCKY.


There are forces, which in conjunction with the five elements, determine significant aspects of your Fate. One of these is how you might best make money and establish your financial security.

According to your chart the best way for you to make money is buying and selling goods or services. This is usually the best way to accumulate wealth, so this indicator is LUCKY.


There is a chance you will have a good travel opportunity or benefit from your education. This does not signify acquiring riches, however, and should be considered a NEUTRAL indicator.

Critical Periods

There are two stages in life where career plays a primary role in your life. The first, Maturation, begins after you leave school and begin full time employment. The second, Adulthood, starts after you've established yourself and are clearly on your way to fulfilling your potential. These are your times of peak earnings, so it is important to have strong chi (energy/life force) then to take full advantage of your situation.


Your chi level at Maturation is low normal. This indicator is NEUTRAL.


Your chi level at Adulthood is significantly above average. This indicator is LUCKY.


You have four LUCKY, four NEUTRAL and two UNLUCKY indicators. Fate has decreed you are LUCKY and have a good chance of becoming prosperous. Since there are two, unfavorable indicators, you could, however, experience some setbacks as well as successes. You have the potential to accumulate significant wealth and are likely to end up being comfortable in retirement.

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Section 3 -- Health


Longevity is the product of a number of factors, one of the most important being good Health. The indicators in this section address Health in general and Longevity in particular. Where applicable you will find comments on various parts of the body.

General Indicators

There are several, indicators that provide an idea of how good your Health will be in general. As was the case with Prosperity, you could consider them together as the first among equals. They do not, however, stand alone, nor do they give any particular insight concerning longevity.

Your chi (energy/life force) rating for Health is slightly below average and, therefore, NEUTRAL. Although you should enjoy good health if you take proper care of yourself, you could have some health problems during stages when your energy level is low.

Health and your Signs

Each of the 12 animal signs has its own peculiarities when it comes to Health. A few have a slight advantage, while others have extra challenges. Most, however, are neutral, in that good Health is more a function of other factors.

Earthly Branch (Animal)

The Rabbit is a symbol of Longevity in Chinese mythology. It is said Rabbits values themselves above all else. This includes you paying attention and attending to your Health needs. Your penchant for avoiding risks is a positive factor in achieving Longevity. This indicator is LUCKY.

Heavenly Stem (Element)

You were born in a Wood year. As a general rule Wood does not bestow any great advantage or difficulty in the areas of health and longevity. A positive is you are likely to be more relaxed than other people due to your willingness to compromise. A downside is you could be susceptible to problems with the liver, gallbladder and eyes. On balance this indicator is NEUTRAL.

Month of Birth

You were born in the month of the Dragon, the third month of the lunar calendar. Your positive personality traits, such as a kindly nature and enthusiasm, are likely to make a positive contribution to your health and longevity. This indicator is LUCKY.

Day of Birth

Your birth date is ruled by Kuei or Ghost, an inauspicious constellation. Given its obvious association with death it is UNLUCKY.

Hour of Birth

The ancient Chinese hour used for astrology purposes is actually two hours long. Each of the 12 hours has a different impact on the quality of health and longevity.

Your time of birth occurs between five and seven AM, the fourth hour, which is NEUTRAL. Although you could have a generally fortunate life, various relationship problems could drain your energy.


This indicator is based on your overall rating for Luck from Section I of this report. The amount with which you are blessed significantly affects the degree of difficulty you could experience as you strive to achieve your goals in life. The less chi (energy/life force) you have to expend, the greater your chances of enjoying a long life.

From the first section you know you have three favorable indicators, with an overall rating of LUCKY. These blessings extend to several areas of your life and should help you achieve and maintain good Health and longevity.


Modern research has shown that happiness, especially family happiness, plays a key role in maintaining good Health and achieving Longevity.

Your chart shows this to be an extremely weak area for you. This indicator is thus UNLUCKY.


Your chi, that is, energy level or life force, varies among the stages of your life. Strong chi in Retirement is a good indicator of Longevity.

In your later years your chi will be very weak, making this an UNLUCKY indicator.

Element Mix

A balanced matrix of elements is an indicator of robust Health. This means your chi (energy/life force) is relatively constant and sufficient to generally ward off illness and maintain good health throughout your life.

An extreme shortage or excess or an element, conversely, is unfavorable. This denotes a situation where an element is not present at all in your chart, or one appearing five or more times.

When an element is totally lacking, your chi during the period of your life ruled by that element will be very low. This makes you vulnerable to accidents and illness. When you have an excess of an element, you are vulnerable to illnesses affecting the organs associated with that element.

Your matrix is:

You have none of one element. This makes you vulnerable to illness for a portion of your life and is, therefore, NEUTRAL.


You have three LUCKY, four NEUTRAL and three UNLUCKY indicators. Your fortune as it pertains to health and longevity is a mixed blessing. In general you will experience positives and negatives in about equal measure, giving you an overall rating in this area of NEUTRAL.

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Overall Conclusion

Fate has favored you in that you will receive a significant amount of two of The Three Blessings. There will be more than a few times when you think life is easy. You will eventually know, if you don't already, you still have to work for the success you achieve, especially in some areas. On the other hand, when you are able to step back and look at all the blessings you have had in your life, you will take satisfaction from knowing that you indeed have had more than many people.

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Appendix: Chinese Astrology -- An Overview

Chinese astrology is an ancient tradition dating back thousands of years. It predates the Western zodiac and is still consulted by millions of people worldwide on a daily basis.

Twelve signs and five elements make up the Chinese zodiac. As legend has it, on the day Buddha decided to create the signs, he called for race of 12 animals. The first animal to finish would be considered the first sign of the zodiac, and so on. The Rat, knowing he could not win on his own (as the race covered both land and water), jumped onto the back of the Ox; at the last minute, he jumped off and became the first of the 12 signs. It's of no surprise that the hedonistic Pig came in last!

Chinese astrology has 12 primary signs: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. There are variations in the names. Some, for example, use Buffalo for Ox or Boar for Pig. Each animal has a year named after it and the astrological cycle of the Orient takes 12 years to complete.

The five elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water -- always being listed in that order. It is said to be a productive cycle, that is Wood produces Fire, Fire produces Earth, Earth produces Metal, Metal produces Water, and Water produces Wood, thus continuing the cycle. The balance of these elements and their positioning in a Chinese chart enable the astrologer to tell many things about a person's personality and life.

Chinese astrologers base their calculations on the Moon and its cycles, that is, on the lunar year. Western astrologers base their readings on the solar year. Thus, Western signs are called Sun signs. In Western astrology the month sign (for example, Leo) is the primary influence, while in Chinese astrology it is the year sign that holds the most influence. But Chinese astrology too has month signs. Chinese months are not named (just numbered) and use the same names as year signs. So, it can be a Wood Sheep year and a Wood Sheep month at the same time.

Western signs are usually designated by one name (for example, Aquarius) and change from month to month. Chinese signs are designated by two Chinese characters, and they change from year to year. The first character designates the year's element and the second, its animal sign (for example, Earth Tiger).

The Chinese have used decimal-based calendars as well as the 12-year based calendar. Chinese astrologers use both of these calendars simultaneously, thus resulting in the compound signs.

Chinese astrology has four signs: one each for the year, the month, the day and the hour of birth. In texts, these are often referred to as the four pillars. This may sound different to Western minds, but even here there is a similarity with Western astrology. That system, for example, uses hour signs as well, calling them ascendants, or rising signs.

Chinese astrology is complicated. The 12 animal signs combined with the five elements total 60 signs, and each person has four of these. Each of us truly is an individual, as no two people on the planet born in the same year have the same Chinese star chart.

Chinese astrologers do not believe a person's fate is sealed in stone at the moment of birth. What they do believe is that a person's time and place of birth set parameters, boundaries. What happens within these boundaries is influenced not only by free will, but also by external factors such as financial status of the family, the culture and the local economy.

There is, of course, a whole body of Chinese philosophy and culture underlying the precepts and findings of Chinese astrology. The subject of Chinese studies, as fascinating as it is, goes well beyond the scope of this basic introduction.

One point worth mentioning, though, is that balance plays a central role in Chinese thought. True strength comes from balance. A strong chart will be balanced in terms of both signs and elements. Ideally, a person will have an equal mix of strong and gentle signs, as well as of elements. And, if a person has a variety of signs in their chart (as opposed to, say, two Monkey signs and two Pig signs), so much the better. That means the person has a wider range of capabilities.

Much of the above discussion has been about personality and abilities. Originally, however, the primary purpose of Chinese astrology was fortune telling. The focus of Chinese astrology is usually on what will happen to people in various stages of their lives (or within a specific duration of time) or on what people should do on a particular day or in a certain month or year.

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Appendix: The Chinese Calendar

The Chinese calendar differs significantly from the Western calendar.

The primary difference is that the months of the Chinese calendar are directly tied to the phases of the moon. These phases, however, do not fit in with the length of the year as measured by the Earth's revolution around the sun.

The Western calendar is fixed in the sense that each New Year begins on solar/Western calendar date January first. Because the Chinese New Year must correlate with a moon phase, it falls as early as January 22nd and as late as February 19th on the Western calendar.

This has significant implications for Chinese Astrology. First, however, it's important to understand the primary difference between Chinese and Western astrology. Chinese astrology focuses on the year sign, and Western astrology focuses on the month sign (Aquarius, Pisces, etc.).

Chinese astrology does, however, have month signs. This can be confusing because the month signs have the same name as the year signs. Furthermore, when we say a Chinese sign corresponds to a Western sign, e.g., Ox to Capricorn, we do not mean the person was born in a Capricorn month. Rather, we mean the person's Chinese year-sign traits roughly correspond to the traits of that Western sign.

Adding to the confusion is the fact we can't know a person's Western sign simply by knowing the person's Chinese month sign. For example, a person born on the first day of the seventh month (July 1 in Western terminology) of the Chinese calendar year 1979 was actually born on August 23rd of the Western calendar. Since July 1st is Cancer and August 23 is Leo, it's easy to see the confusion.

As with the months, neither do Chinese and Western years match exactly. Thus, even though we might know a person's Chinese sign, we still cannot be sure of their year of birth. Conversely, if we know a person's year of birth, we cannot be sure of their Chinese sign.

Let's say someone was born in 1978 (Chinese year of the Horse) on the Western calendar. They would only be the Horse sign if born after February 6th; since, Chinese New Year was February 7th by the Western calendar. The Chinese Horse year 1978 actually has the Western calendar dates included in the period February 7, 1978 through January 27, 1979.

This is especially important when evaluating compatibility. Signs most compatible with the Horse (Tiger and Dog) are not nearly so compatible with the Snake, which is the sign of people born in 1978 but earlier than February 7th on the Western calendar.

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