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Nine Star Ki is an ancient form of divination based upon the principles of Chinese and Japanese astrology and philosophy, as well as the principles of I Ching. Nine Star Ki is an ancient, practical view of the world based on an astrological understanding of the way yin and yang principles interact to produce all the changes in life. Its companion philosophy, Feng Shui, applies Ki principles to your personal home and work environments. In Japanese Nine Star Ki is called Kyu Sei Ki Gakuin and is considered by many as Japanese astrology based on the Chinese Lo-shu -- the ancient tool that has been utilized for over 5000 years.

An important underlying assumption in Nine Star Ki astrology is that the universe has a certain energy that flows around and through everyone and works in nine stages. Each cycle or stage has its own unique set of energies. The cycles repeat themselves, in the same order, every nine days, every nine months, every nine years and every eighty-one years (nine multiplied by nine).

We acquire the Ki energy of the cycle that we are born into. Nine Star Ki astrology determines our position in the Lo-shu matrix at birth and throughout our life. Its insights apply to every aspect of our being and can provide valuable information concerning the future, our personal qualities, our relationships and our destiny -- and it can render this information with precision and unequaled clarity.

In Nine Star Ki we each have three Stars or three numbers allocated to our date of birth. The first two Stars are time related and extracted from the year and month of birth. The third Star is related to the direction the first Number is found in our birth chart of the Lo-Shu or the Magic Square.

Lo-shu is one of the most ancient concepts of Chinese divination. According to legend, around the year 2205 BC, a man named Yu of Hsia, watched a noble tortoise emerge from the legendary Yellow River, carrying on its huge back, nine numbers that were arranged in a grid pattern. This pattern became to be known as the Lo-shu. It is the Lo-shu that is incorporated in the Feng Shui bagua, or kua system, the Eight Aspirations and the Flying Star method. In Chinese philosophy the Lo-shu predicts the changes of Heaven and Earth, the cycles of the seasons, and the wind and the water.

In the Lo-shu Magic square, the numbers in each of the rows, columns and diagonals add up to 15. Furthermore, the four corners and four sides correspond to the eight sides or directions of the Feng Shui bagua. There are actually nine variations of The Magic Square, each one having a different number in the center. The numbers in all, however, total 15 in each variation. The date of birth determines which of the nine variations applies to each one of us.

These numbers have various names depending of the source. In this reading they are termed your fundamental, developmental and energy numbers.
The Numbers and their Elements
One is associated with water, which is adaptable and calm. It is nourished by Metal (Number 6 and 7) and weakened by Earth (Number 5 and 8)
Two, Five and Eight are associated with Earth, which is practical and stable. It is nourished by Fire (Number 9) and weakened by Wood (Number 3 and 4).
Three and Four are associated with Wood, which is creative and expansive. It is nourished by Water (Number 1) and weakened by Metal (Number 6 and 7).
Six and Seven are associated with Metal, which is determined and solid. It is nourished by Earth (Number 2, 5 and 8) and weakened by Fire (Number 9).
Nine associated with Fire, which is energetic and spontaneous. It is nourished by Wood (Number 3 and 4) and weakened by Water (Number 1).
We wish you the best of luck as you undertake this journey of discovery now and also afterwards as you strive to fulfill your potential.
Your Fundamental Number: 3
Your Fundamental Number illustrates the basis of who you are, your potential, and keys to maintaining harmony as you travel your path. It affects every area of your life, especially those detailed below.
The Number 3 is associated with Wood, The East, Spring, and the I Ching trigram Chen, Thunder. You could be a dynamic individual with plenty of energy. This makes you likely to be more comfortable initiating action than displaying the drive needed to complete long term projects. Likewise, you could be intense but only for short periods of time. As a general rule you are probably independent and a person who easily comes up with ideas.
Your destiny may be to perform the role of initiator, similar to that of a spark plug in an engine. You may not even be associated with the completion of many projects. Nevertheless, they may never have even started without the initial spark you provided. Regardless of the game, you can be an impact player.
Family Member Type
Oldest Son. It is characteristic of the first to explore, to experience adventure, and to be bold if not impetuous. People will often look up to you. You can thus be an example to others, so you might want to carefully consider your behavior. actions so you can set a good one.
You could be likable with a wide range of friends and acquaintances. They are likely to value you for your spontaneous if not playful nature. You are probably happy to be in a group while still asserting your independence. Within the family you are the one most likely to take a different path but still be close to your father.
You may want it both ways, a close, intense relationship but with plenty of freedom. You may marry early and often, each time thinking it will last forever. Intimacy and the physical appearance of your partner are likely to be important for you. You may be a sensitive if not jealous lover.
You may be a dynamic and energetic lover. Sex is likely to be important for you, as you probably enjoy physical contact more than most people. The style of sex is not as important to you as how much and for how long your bodies are intertwined.
You are likely to enjoy a number of the qualities associated with growth. These include vision, robust vitality, and expansiveness. You may also have a need to express your creativity. You could thus be comfortable in a variety of careers to include, plans and programs, research, the arts, and even athletics.
As a Wood person you need to pay attention to your liver and gall bladder. You will also want to keep a watch on your digestive system. How you eat may be just as important as what; although, you do want to consume plenty of green vegetables. Generally you want to eat light, avoid over eating and snacking at night, and skip one meal a week.
Feng Shui
The North and Southeast areas of your home and the color, Bright Green, are favorable for you. The The West, Northwest and Northeast could present difficulties. The South might be helpful.
In addition to a section on each of the three numbers there is a concluding one that details the impact of the three numbers in combination. In fact it is important to remember, as you read about your destiny, the interplay of energies is more important than individual comments.
Your Developmental Number: 9
Your Developmental Number relates to how you deal with your childhood years. It also affects you later in life when you become involved in stressful situations and when you experience strong emotions.
The Number 9 is associated with Fire, energy, inspiration and perceptiveness. You may occasionally be impulsive but rarely without bright ideas. You probably try hard to help people, especially by explaining things, but that could be interpreted as showing off. And, if you are not careful, you could become self centered. Finally, it should be said you are better at starting things than finishing them.
Family Member Type
Middle daughter. You may need a fair amount of discipline to control your Fire. Mastering self control and developing patience may be your most important lessons as a child. Your parents would do well to establish routines and insure you follow them. Your dynamism and effervescent personality will serve you well if you internalize these qualities.
You may be the kind of person whose emotions can be readily observed by others. In times of stress it is likely you will have difficulty controlling your temper and related anger. Your challenge is to fuel your Fire, that is maintain your enthusiasm, while keeping it under control. You want your Fire to energize rather than consume you.
You are likely to be a dynamic, if not charismatic, individual, someone capable of providing motivation and inspiration. If you have good communications skills, you could do well in sales and marketing or teaching. Emergency services is another possibility. If you are exceptionally talented you might do well as an actor or model.
You might want to calm your Fire by being around Water during times of stress. This could include something requiring effort such as a trip to the beach or simply a dip in the jacuzzi. Some people relax just watching fish in an aquarium or hearing the water of a table top fountain. Swimming might be a great activity to take up in childhood and stay with throughout your adult life.
In addition to a section on each of the three numbers there is a concluding one that details the impact of the three numbers in combination. In fact it is important to remember, as you read about your destiny, the interplay of energies is more important than individual comments.
Your Energy Number: 8
Your Energy Number corresponds to how your energy primarily manifests itself and how you are seen by others.
Earth energy is perhaps the one that manifests itself least obviously. Its power derives from connectedness to all things. Qualities you might possess include practicality, reliability, a keen eye for detail, and the persistence it takes to stick with mundane, repetitive work. Your energy then tends to be more of the latent variety. It could also have a significant, spiritual component, as in being connected to Mother Earth. You might want to nurture this potential via meditation and other ways to connect with spirit. Gardening would be a particularly helpful hobby. In the long run your energy may seem less dynamic than that of your peers but turn out to be more powerful. Much depends on your willingness to tap into and use it for the benefit of yourself and others.
Other people, especially those who do not know you very well are likely to underestimate you. You may be seen as reserved, if not shy, and not that energetic. This could be masking several things. Your activity is more likely to be of the slow, plodding variety, as you probably build to last and tend to be careful about getting all those little details just right. Your friends and family view this and might think of you as being overly nit-picky in your actions and too critical of theirs. Another source of misperception might be that, underneath your generally calm exterior, your mind could be working at a fast pace. They thus tend to miss both the latency of your energy and all the internal workings going on in your mind.
Your Numbers In Combination
Your 3, 9, 8 combination
With three numbers all associated with different energies you could have a wide range of capabilities and behaviors. You probably are rather unassuming in general, not necessarily seeking or desiring attention. When you do get excited, however, you can become vivacious, rash, spontaneous, and maybe flamboyant. This inner passion can significantly help you achieve your goals. Yours is a strong combination of numbers that will serve you well if you use your strengths.
The Relationship Between Your Adult and Child Numbers.
Your Wood 3 (Adult) acts to support your Fire 9 (Child). This is a favorable situation for maturation, that is, crossing the bridge from youth to adulthood. Although not a major problem, there is a chance the child will occasionally come through afterwards. This could result, for example, in aggressiveness when negotiation might be a better course. Balance, however, should not be difficult to restore.
The Relationship Between Your Child Number and the Square in Which It Resides.
Yours is located in Number 2. Your Child Number is mother to its Earth. You could have a habit of setting high standards for yourself and others. Along with this might be a tendency to be especially aware of your surroundings, always on the lookout for possible danger. Together these may cause others to see you as overly critical and perhaps opinionated, so work on diplomacy.
Final Comments
You have just taken an important step to further your self-understanding. No one comment in this reading say it all. Focus on repeated themes and on the impression you get from stepping back and contemplating the complete document. Good luck as you pursue your goals and deal with life's challenges and enjoy fruit of your success.


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