July 09, 2011

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

When the universe pushes you up against a stone wall, what do you do in response? Many people tend to fold up under pressure – especially during the monthly time when the Moon transits through intense, passionate Scorpio. However, the lunar orb in this sign can often send you support if you don your detective garb (a la Sherlock Holmes) and get to the root of personal or family mysteries. Ferreting out secrets is par for the course under this lunar dispensation.

Nevertheless, it is questionable whether there is really a level playing field today since you also have to contend with a potent and possibly volatile Sun-Mars parallel (4:19AM PDT), a mentally-intense or exhausting Mercury-Pallas opposition (4:57AM PDT), and – most significantly – Uranus at 5 degrees of Aries becoming precisely motionless at 5:36PM PDT, beginning a reversal that lasts until December 9, 2011 when this radical-change agent halts again at 1 degree of Aries.

All Uranus themes — revolution, the higher mind, intuition, advances on the cutting edge of science and metaphysics, upheavals, surprises, shock waves, eccentricity and maverick impulses, high-technology and the multi-media – are being impressed within the psychic atmosphere of humanity. Breakthroughs in consciousness can easily occur, but so can breakdowns in communications, transportation and cyberspace.

Helping you stay sane and content are a supportive, 60-degree alliance between Mercury and Saturn (1:20AM PDT), a nurturing and healing Grand Triangle in water signs as the Moon in Scorpio trines Chiron in Pisces (8:05AM PDT) while the Moon also trines Venus in Cancer (11:08AM PDT) – plus a late-night trine in air signs linking Pallas and Saturn (11:51PM PDT).

Thus, anyone who thinks his or her cause is completely lost and that cosmic craziness has the total upper hand is wrong. Sometimes miraculous events do happen or, at least, anomalies and out-of-this-world saving graces that make you look again at the cosmos with a sense of wonder and awe. This day could go down in the history books as extra special. What can you do to make it a day to savor and remember?

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