October 03, 2012

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Venus has been a very active solar systemic player during the first 48 hours of October, and this trend remains in effect this morning. Venus enters Virgo (12:00AM PDT) until October 28. Over the next three hours, Venus makes a contra-parallel to Neptune (12:49AM PDT) while also forming an off-kilter, 150-degree link with Pallas (2:54AM PDT).

Venus entering the sixth sign of the zodiac is a boost for becoming an efficiency master and adding nutritional foods to your diet. The Venus-Neptune and Venus-Pallas configurations have a tendency to toss a monkey-wrench into normally logical and straight-forward business planning.

Part of the challenge here is that Venus and Neptune move on to form their annual polarity in the zodiac (3:27PM PDT). Love and money matters enter a twilight zone for much of today due to the various Venus disturbances that are taking hold right now.

Despite all the uncertainty, you may want to find a brief window of time to solidify and ground big projects since Jupiter — the largest planet in the solar system — begins a retrograde cycle in Gemini tomorrow.

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