October 06, 2012

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

There is no sense of bolting out of the starting gate too fast since the Moon in Gemini remains in void mode until 5:46PM PDT. Pushing your own agenda with aggressive moves can backfire as Mercury makes an abrasive, 135-degree link with Jupiter (1:54AM PDT) and the Moon parallels feisty Mars (6:27AM PDT).

Two aspects appear to launch a rescue mission as the Moon makes its monthly union with Vesta (7:18AM PDT) while Mercury trines Ceres in water signs (8:37AM PDT). The Moon match-up with Vesta energizes soul-sister companionship as well as the potential to increase the value of your assets and investments. Mercury resonating well with Ceres is a boost for explorations in nature. Weather permitting, go on a picnic, visit a favorite park or national landmark, and really commune with the birds, trees and sky.

Once the Moon enters Cancer (5:46PM PDT), home and family themes become prominent for the next 2+ days. Don’t be surprised if a wave of nostalgia washes over you as the Moon’s monthly visit to Cancer can stimulate childhood memories.

The red planet makes news by entering fiery Sagittarius (8:22PM PDT) — a cycle that activates goal-orientation, educational aims, and athletic prowess until November 16.

Keep raising the bar when it comes to productivity in your main fields of expertise as the Moon unites with Ceres — the largest asteroid (9:32PM PDT). The communication and correspondence fronts may be buzzing — courtesy of a Moon-Mercury trine in water signs (11:10PM PDT).

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