November 05, 2012

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

There’s no sense dashing out of the starting gate this morning as the Moon in Cancer continues to be void until 11:40AM PST. Completing old projects with responsibility and self-reliance is the name of the game.

Key relationships remain a principal concern as Juno in Sagittarius opposes Jupiter in Gemini (6:52AM PST). When the two ancient ruling deities of Rome form challenging aspects, it is more likely that psychic storms may inundate partnership ties. Nevertheless, this alignment can be tweaked into providing enlightenment for lovers and thoughtful business associates.

Once the Moon abandons its void placement in Cancer for the warmhearted embrace of lion-ruling Leo (11:40AM PST), it becomes a great time to pursue favorite hobbies, arts and crafts, games and sports.

Even though Mercury is on the verge of stopping its direct motion tomorrow and beginning 20 days of being retrograde, there are golden opportunities for forward progress this evening as the Moon in Leo trines Mercury in Sagittarius (7:58PM PST) and Uranus in Aries (9:45PM PST). During this grand trine in fire signs, tune into your creative genius and learn more about advances on the cutting edge of science, metaphysics and astronomy.

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