November 16, 2012

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

The cosmos is trying to come to your defense and ease your psychic pain — following the trio of discordant aspects that seemed to come out of nowhere yesterday. The big problem early on today is that the Moon makes its monthly union with the red planet Mars in late Sagittarius (1:45AM PST). This not only has the capacity to increase volatility across the board, but it begins a short void lunar uncertainty cycle that lasts until 2:37AM PST when the Moon enters earthy, industrious Capricorn.

Meanwhile, there is a potential mellowing-out taking place as Juno forms an inspirational, 72-degree link to far-out Neptune (2:20AM PST) while Venus trines Vesta in air signs (2:38AM PST) — happening just 1 minute after the void lunar cycle is over. The Juno-Neptune and Venus-Vesta alignments — occurring just 18 minutes apart — are a big boost for women in general, forging sisterhood ties, and creative artistic expression.

Once the Moon is solidly in the tenth zodiacal sign of Capricorn (2:37AM PST), it is natural to strive to reach the executive penthouse by climbing the ladder to worldly success. Determination and hard work are the dynamic duo leading you to new heights of responsibility. Helping you along the way is a sensitive and yet purposeful trine from Saturn to Chiron (3:24AM PST).

Mood swings can change quite a bit later on when the Moon makes its monthly union with Pluto in Capricorn (3:19PM PST). While this lunar connection with the planet of the underworld has a tendency to equate with rising worries and fears, your ability to tune into spiritual willpower and mental concentration — like a laser beam used in medicine and manufacturing — can become a saving grace right when you need it the most.

Keep track of the shift by Mars from Sagittarius to Capricorn (6:37PM PST). The red planet remains in its sign of exaltation until December 25, 2012. Mars in Capricorn can always be utilized to stimulate career planning and professional advances.

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