November 21, 2012

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Some Scorpio trickery is at play today as the Sun leaves this potent eighth sign of the zodiac for fiery Sagittarius (1:51PM PST) while Venus changes affiliation from airy Libra to watery Scorpio (5:21PM PST). It is due to the earlier six-week retrograde cycle by Venus in May-June of 2012 that Venus is still lingering some 30 degrees behind the Sun in the zodiac. That 30-degree distance right now creates the strange phenomenon of the Sun leaving Scorpio while Venus receives the red-carpet treatment by the same sign.

All this cosmic horse-trading happens under the sensitive, emotional and psychic environment provided by Pisces Moon. If your moods are swinging wildly more today than recently, chalk it up to the Solar and Venusian shifts — amplified by the start of a new, lengthy void lunar cycle at 10:33PM PST that lasts until 5:13PM PST tomorrow.

Plus — to add insult to injury, the Sun squares Neptune (11:12PM PST) during the void limbo cycle. Only two Sun-Neptune face-offs like this happen in a calendar year and both of them have shadow dimensions that can spread confusion and chaos like a virus.

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