November 22, 2012

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Stop, look and listen! The Moon continues its forward progress, but while under the veil of being void in Pisces until 5:13PM PST. Early on there can be an upsurge in loving expressions across the board as Venus trines Neptune in water signs (1:00AM PST). If erotic impulses send your emotions on a temporary thrill ride, it will be due to your resonance with this flowing sky pattern.

Two days following the recent station and turn direct by Pallas, the Moon unites with this ingenious asteroid (2:43AM PST). Hit the problem-solving button while you strategize with a trusted friend, colleague or loved one. Another bonus for love birds arrives when the Sun and Venus form a precise, 30-degree aspect (9:01AM PST). Shock waves, surprises and topsy-turvy conditions are back in command when Mercury forms a dicey, 135-degree link to Uranus (11:29AM PST).

Once the Moon leaves void status in Pisces by entering Aries (5:13PM PST), be more assertive and confident in your self-expression. Nevertheless, you don’t want to be too egocentric in your power plays since Mercury makes a feisty, 45-degree tie with Mars (6:58PM PST). Well-needed help is on the way as the Moon trines the Sun in fire signs (7:38PM PST). Focus your attention on achieving rock-solid goals on the higher educational frontier.

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