November 23, 2012

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

If you are looking for an easy start to this Friday, the universe may not comply with your earnest wishes. Emotional tensions and unexpected delays may foil your plans as Juno makes an abrasive, 45-degree link with Saturn (12:43AM PST) while Mars provokes Uranus via a square formation (2:06AM PST). Psychic storm warnings are posted everywhere and it doesn’t help that the Moon makes its monthly union with radical-change agent Uranus (2:29AM PST) while squaring the red planet (2:30AM PST).

The cosmos struggles to bring peace out of discord by tossing humanity some nurturing trinkets in the form of a trine sky pattern involving Venus and Ceres (7:06AM PST) and a supportive, 60-degree sky pattern involving Mars and Chiron (9:29AM PST). Productivity and healing forces can thrive under these two aspects, but a Sun-Ceres off-kilter, 150-degree alignment swoops in at 11:23AM PST adding another note of turbulence.

A Moon-Jupiter 60-degree rapport (5:36PM PST) appears to be today’s trump card as this kind of lunar liaison spreads goodwill and kindness in large doses. However, this aspect also starts a very long void uncertainty zone that lasts until 4:19AM PST on Sunday morning. This creates a nearly 35-hour void limbo cycle when you need to focus on finishing old business while leaving new enterprises waiting in the wings.

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