November 24, 2012

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

You almost need to consider this 24-hour time-period like an extra day in the calendar year (something that will happen again on November 29) due to the entire day being under the challenging aegis of a void-of-course Moon vibration. Today’s lunar void has the qualities of fiery Aries stamped upon it — meaning the desire is to be a leader, a mover-and-shaker in business or a trend-setter in arts, crafts and hobbies. However, the Moon being in a somewhat compromised position causes some inherent weaknesses to possibly occur that don’t allow the full measure of success to manifest.

One solution is to scale back your overall expectations. This makes sense because Juno in Sagittarius opposes Vesta in Gemini (1:05PM PST) — an asteroid tug of war on either side of the Earth that can equate with increased stress and strain, particularly for women and regarding primary partnerships.

Even an apparently supportive, 60-degree link from Mars to Saturn (2:52PM PST) doesn’t tend to be a crowd-pleaser anyway. It is more likely to equate with a rising sense of doubt and pessimism that you will want to combat by deliberately injecting some humor and joy into the day’s proceedings. Overall, steer clear of major decision-making, legal matters, and agreeing to long-term commitments.

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