November 26, 2012

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

There is an anything-goes quality to this important Monday in late November. It is this morning’s Sun-Uranus trine in fire signs (6:16AM PST) that provides the anything-goes vibration. Allow your maverick or multi-faceted personality to remain supreme for several hours. Tune into your potent intuition to supplement your intellectual prowess.

Learn more about what’s happening in the sphere of holistic healing and alternative medicine as the Sun squares Chiron (1:46PM PST). You may want to find out information rather than actually have a treatment since Venus is on the verge of being parallel to Neptune (2:18PM PST) while Mercury ceases its retrograde motion by making a station and going forward at 19 degrees of Scorpio (2:51PM PST).

Venus in league with Neptune can equate with a rising tide of universal love or massive confusion. The Mercury shift is certainly welcome, but the reality is that Mercury is virtually motionless all day, and it is hard to gain forward momentum when a celestial body like Mercury — so connected to communications, business and trade, travel and transportation, health and medicine, literary and educational pursuits — has stopped its cosmic movement relative to the Earth.

The reason that discordant vibes might still have the upper hand is that the Moon opposes Mercury (4:58PM PST) — starting a 24-hour void lunar cycle that lasts until 4:59PM PST tomorrow — and then tonight still offers humanity a Venus union with Saturn at 7 degrees of Scorpio (5:20PM PST). With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Watch out if the big chill begins to affect love bonds. Do your best to be more affectionate to the dear ones who help to turn your world around on a daily basis.

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