November 29, 2012

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Just like last Saturday November 24th, today is somewhat open-ended in that the void Moon’s presence in Gemini is kind of up-in-the-air. It is hard to pin things down and make colleagues, friends and even dear ones see reality as you do. Even if you have the backing and agreement from several individuals, the Moon’s questionable nature right now doesn’t provide a lot of reliable persistence.

Meanwhile, during the 48 hours after a Full Moon, it is helpful if you play the role of goodwill ambassador to your family, circle of friends, neighbors and greater community. The monthly Moon-Vesta union (9:55AM PST) can bring soul-sisters together in a unified front while it also places renewed emphasis on beefing up security and safety measures wherever needed.

Despite the Moon’s void condition, there may be some creative artistic opportunities developing when Venus makes a supportive, 60-degree rapport with Mars (2:34PM PST) followed quickly by an inspirational, 72-degree contact between Juno and Chiron (2:45PM PST). This latter aspect can add a healing touch to love bonds needing a delicate boost.

Slow down your tempo overnight as the Moon activates distant stars like Betelgeuse and the North Star (Polaris) while still feeling the numbing influence of the void-of-course vibrations.

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