December 02, 2012

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

As I explain fairly frequently in this calendar, the cosmos often goes from overkill — regarding the number of major celestial aspects in one 24-hour time-period — to being barely present. Yesterday represented an avalanche of astro-psychic influences while today starts with a void lunar twilight-zone in watery Cancer that lasts until 5:58PM PST. Plus, there are no key alignments until the Sun in Sagittarius opposes Jupiter in Gemini (5:46PM PST).

Thus, there is no main reason to bolt out of the starting gate this morning like a bat out of the underworld. Instead, you might as well enjoy breakfast in bed, and take a trip down memory lane by scouring through the local or national newspapers. Keep in mind that it is wise and sensible to finish old business with finesse and clarity during any void-of-course Moon cycle. What you don’t want to do is to push forward aggressively with new, bold moves when it is so difficult to see the true shape of things to come.

The Sun-Jupiter polarity can prove to be quite a jolt — particularly in your primary partnerships — because these two largest celestial bodies in our solar system are creating a giant tug-of-war on opposite sides of the Earth. If you are really tuned in, then the Sun-Jupiter joust can turn into a spiritually illuminating experience.

Manifest your warmhearted disposition once the Moon leaves void status in Cancer by entering lion-empowering Leo (5:58PM PST). Enjoy fun, games, arts, crafts and beloved hobbies with the lunar orb all fired up.

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