December 04, 2012

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Two days ago — under a lengthy void Moon — there was no reason to get cracking on all cylinders as that Sunday began. Now the shoe is on the other foot and you want to be assertive across the board as an early bird.

The main reason to accomplish key tasks in the first part of the day is that a void lunar uncertainty zone begins at 2:09PM PST when the Moon squares Mercury. This void-of-course cycle lasts until 3:53AM PST tomorrow when the lunar orb enters meticulous, earthy Virgo. Therefore, be a whirlwind as a creative artist or savvy entrepreneur before the Moon goes rogue during its void escape from reality. Remember that the Moon in Leo can strongly enhance your leadership qualities in almost any respected field of expertise.

The fact that a tense, 90-degree square between the Moon and Mercury begins the void lunar cycle at 2:09PM PST is a signal that feelings and thoughts can be at odds. Stop worrying about things you can’t control. Under the void time-period, go with the cosmic flow and let lingering pressures float away.

Luckily, a Mercury-Pallas energizing trine enters the scene (10:35PM PST) — offering an enhancement of problem-solving skills and the ability to strategize about key projects with a trusted friend or colleague. Since the Moon is still in void Moon during the Mercury-Pallas rapport, write down your revelations and then utilize them once the Moon enters Virgo.

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