December 07, 2012

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Be eagle-eyed for a good portion of today as strange cosmic forces are definitely on the prowl. You need a lot of clarity to separate reality from illusion.

The Moon in Virgo enters a void uncertainty zone at 2:37AM PST and the lunar orb remains in this somewhat uncomfortable position until 10:36AM PST when the Moon enters airy Libra. During this 8-hour time-period, it is wise to complete old projects rather than launch any new enterprises.

However, adding to the misery index is a frictional, 45-degree tie from the red planet Mars to far-out Neptune (3:18AM PST). Both of these celestial bodies relate to idealism, but in this abrasive combination, it is always possible that confusing and even fanatical views can enter the human kingdom on Earth. Resist the temptation to abandon logic for radical, unsound thinking while Mars and Neptune duel as a clash of the titans.

The Moon’s entry into balance-loving Libra (10:36AM PST) should usually put an end to internal conflicts and interpersonal bickering. There is a real need now for creating harmony with loved ones and improving the quality of primary partnerships.

Nonetheless, another potential fly in the ointment arrives as Venus makes a strident, 135-degree link with revolutionary Uranus (1:02PM PST). This Venus-Uranus contact can signify temporary shake-ups on the romantic horizon. Be on your best behavior and lend a helping hand to dear ones on the skids. A healing, soothing Moon-Chiron parallel (1:36PM PST) may be a welcome asset. Look forward to enjoying a night on the town with fun-loving pals.

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