December 10, 2012

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

This work-oriented Monday begins with a sobering and logic-enhancing Moon-Saturn union in Scorpio (2:22AM PST). Emphasize pragmatism in handling key tasks. Steer clear of pessimistic thinking. Know that you can handle this morning’s workload even if you need to tap into the stamina-endurance factor hidden within the Scorpio field of deep-seated, self-transformation.

Venus is still playing its recent role of sometimes bringing joy and other times bringing emotional distress. A Moon-Venus parallel (1:49PM PST) can provide a superb boost for social affairs, the creative arts, feminine interests and love bonds. However, less than three hours later, Venus forms a frictional, 45-degree tie with distant Pluto (5:20PM PST) — a forceful and worrisome interchange that can neutralize the gains and improvements offered in the earlier Moon-Venus rapport. Try to tweak this Venus-Pluto contact to be more upbeat in its nature.

This is important because later on Venus moves into a flowing trine of 120-degrees with Pallas (8:39PM PST). Here is a fantastic opportunity to become a respected problem-solver, strategist and researcher. Board, card and word games top the charts this evening. Be aware that Mercury re-enters Sagittarius (5:41PM PST) until December 31.

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