December 12, 2012

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

While the dark-of-the-moon closing vibes of the old solar-lunar cycle are intensifying, the Moon in Sagittarius struggles to keep the psychic atmosphere optimistic and ebullient. This is not a simple or easy task since the Moon opposes giant Jupiter (6:13AM PST) while the Sun parallels Mars (11:40AM PST).

The Moon-Jupiter rapport is actually an upbeat force in trying to maintain positive relationships with dear ones and business colleagues. The Sun-Mars connection is potentially the trouble spot of the day. While this liaison can manifest as courage, self-confidence, athletic prowess, leadership skills and emotional strength, it is more likely to equate with a sudden tide of inflammatory rhetoric, angry feelings, and societal volatility. You can be a force for goodwill in the world by emphasizing tender loving care in all of your interactions today. Playing egocentric mind-games or employing bullying tactics to get your way is not the answer.

Two inspirational, 72-degree link-ups occur later on when Mars contacts Saturn via this kind of aspect (4:57PM PST) and Vesta does the same with radical-change agent Uranus (10:55PM PST). When 72-degree alignments hold sway, the power of number 5 is temporarily in command. And five — as a quality — provides a solid intellectual foundation for whatever you are undertaking in your main fields of expertise.

Start preparing for surprises, shock waves and topsy-turvy conditions as tomorrow brings the Sagittarius New Moon, Uranus making a station in Aries and turning direct while several other alignments and a long void lunar cycle toss in additional monkey wrenches.

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