December 18, 2012

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Every year around December 17 and 18, the Sun lines up with the heart of the galaxy in which we live, move and have our being. Far-out thoughts and rare revelations can put you on top of the world. A sense of magic is in the air early today since the Sun is in polarity with productivity-enhancer Ceres (12:39AM PST) while the Moon in Pisces makes its monthly union with healing maestro Chiron (2:37AM PST). Study up on advances in the fields of alternative medicine, telepathy and past-life recall.

Call a halt to haphazard approaches to important business affairs as the red planet Mars jousts with giant Jupiter (7:54AM PST). Being reckless or pushy won’t win you any brownie points during this kind of challenging Mars-Jupiter conflict.

The smallest of the four main asteroids — Juno — enters Capricorn (7:27PM PST) which is a key sign related to industry and big business. Even if you think it may be doubtful to become a mover-and-shaker as a deft entrepreneur, the movement of this celestial body into the tenth sign of the zodiac can become a major catalyst toward reaching a professional summit.

The love boat may be entering exotic ports of call as Venus nears a parallel with Pluto (forming exactly at 2:40AM PST tomorrow). Romance beckons, but it is wise to remain somewhat cautious since Pluto always maintains one foot in its underworld, mysterious labyrinth.

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