December 27, 2012

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

The 48 hours before any Full Moon constitute a time-period to start preparing for the potential enlightenment that can accompany any solar-lunar monthly high point. Therefore, quietly and somewhat behind-the-scenes, starting yesterday, you should have been reorienting your consciousness to an illumination that seeks to inspire humanity early tomorrow.

Helping you lift your inner vision and intuitive awareness is the monthly Moon-Ceres union in Gemini (1:29AM PST) as well as an inspirational, 72-degree link from Mercury to Chiron (5:41AM PST). The Moon-Ceres conjunction can increase your overall productivity while the Mercury-Chiron liaison is a boost for all kinds of healing interests. However, the Moon is still in a void uncertainty cycle until 12:08PM PST. Therefore, the Moon-Ceres and Mercury-Chiron contacts are less potent than usual. Mercury moving into a frictional, 45-degree tie with Saturn (11:14AM PST) — an aspect that can equate with a temporary case of frustration and self-doubt — also falls into the energy black hole that sometimes accompanies a void lunar cycle.

Once the Moon is safely in Cancer (12:08PM PST), it is that time of the month again when home and family concerns wax in strength. The Moon in trine to Neptune (2:04PM PST) as well as Mercury in polarity to Ceres (5:06PM PST) give nurturing support to the Moon happily placed in its natural sign.

Where you can go on a cosmic detour is around 2:14PM PST — due to a volatile Mars-Jupiter contra-parallel. Similar to some extent to an opposition in the zodiac, this Mars-Jupiter discordant tie reminds you to be extra sensitive to dear ones under duress.

Since the Full Moon occurs early tomorrow morning, individual and group meditations this evening are advised to bring through the light, love and wisdom of the cosmos.

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