December 31, 2012

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

The last day of 2012 seems to begin with flair as the creative, loving presence of the Moon in Leo provides an undercurrent of sustenance. Venus forges an inspirational, 72-degree rapport with its higher-guardian planet Neptune (2:28AM PST) — giving the fine and graphic arts plenty of energy.

Mercury leaves fiery Sagittarius for earthy Capricorn (6:04AM PST). This significant shift by the Messenger of the Gods lasts until January 18 and places an emphasis on cogent professional plans.

Challenging alignments begin a cat-and-mouse game with favorable alignments — starting with a frictional, 45-degree link from Venus to Mars (11:47AM PST). Any discordant Venus-Mars contact can equate with rising stress between lovers and dear ones. Fortunately, the Moon in Leo forms a harmonious trine to Venus in Sagittarius (1:53PM PST). The hour or so before this link-up is exact offers the best boost for creative artistic expression and solidifying social affairs. However, this Moon-Venus connection also starts a long void uncertainty cycle that lasts until 9:36AM PST when the Moon shifts from Leo to Virgo.

Meanwhile, highly-stimulating Uranus decides to take center stage for several hours when it forms a supportive and vitalizing, 60-degree alliance with Mars (6:33PM PST). Nevertheless, Uranus leaves that happy arrangement to formulate an ill-advised square with Juno (8:12PM PST). Yikes! Just when it seemed the universe was rallying to give human souls an extra measure of solace and contentment, boom — a lightning-like strike from the ancient titan Uranus to the empowering, peace-loving Juno may wind up creating a very tense, destabilizing psychic atmosphere.

Yet the last word — belonging to the old year — goes to a nifty, 60-degree alliance from Mercury in Capricorn to Neptune in Pisces (10:51PM PST). Thus, it is wise and sensible to send out your healing thoughts and prayers for a year ahead filled with emotional serenity, peace of mind, and an enhancement of humanity’s capacity for empathy and psychic sensitivity for the deep needs of loved ones.

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