January 02, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Cleaning up your act may still be in the offing on the second day of 2013. Virgo Moon remains in force and that often translates as the need to get rid of non-essentials. Bring outgrown clothing to second-hand stores for resale. Make the kitchen and bath areas shine again. Stock up on vitamins, minerals, soaps, lotions, herbs, nuts, seeds, and seasonings. The little things of life can make or break your day.

Fortunately, the Moon in Virgo and the Sun in Capricorn form a harmonious trine (9:00AM PST) — providing much of the day with an optimistic sense that goodwill can prevail over worry and self-doubt. You want to bask in this aura of physical vitality, emotional fortitude, and mental exuberance for as long as possible because a Mars-Pluto parallel at 20 degrees south of the Celestial Equator clocks in at 7:47PM PST.

Parallels are calculated via north and south distances from the great circle around the Earth known as the Celestial Equator. Many professional astrologers see parallels as fairly equivalent to conjunctions of cosmic bodies in the zodiac or via the Ecliptic (the apparent Sun’s path in the sky).

This Mars-Pluto encounter indicates that the psychic atmosphere is filling up with assorted tensions. Pressing the anger button or barking out commands to dear ones is taboo. Strive for serenity and direct your passions into enjoying exercise routines or athletic contests.

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