January 08, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Strange forces are definitely on the prowl during a day that exhibits a double void Moon cycle. First, the Moon in Scorpio ends its void-of-course energy-field as the lunar orb enters fiery, upbeat Sagittarius (12:29AM PST).

The morphing of Scorpio Moon into Sagittarius Moon each month is one of the most dramatic and sometimes tumultuous shifts by the lunar body as it influences earthlings. Suddenly, fun and games, educational interests and athletic prowess are topping the charts for a change of pace. Zero in on reaching long-range goals on the literary and publishing fronts.

Watch out for mental and emotional burnout as Venus squares Pallas (10:09AM PST). Utilize your savvy investment acumen later on when Mars trines Vesta in air signs (5:04PM PST).

The void lunar double-whammy shows up tonight as a supportive, 60-degree liaison from the Moon to Mars (6:29PM PST) also plays the role of catalyst in starting a 30+ hour void lunar cycle that lasts until 12:55AM PST on Thursday January 10. Remember that a major rule of thumb for void lunar time-periods is that you are encouraged to complete old business, but it is wise to wait concerning bold, new enterprises.

In the meantime, Venus enters the final earth sign of the zodiac — Capricorn — at 8:12PM PST tonight. Venus remains in this hardworking and persevering zodiacal sign until February 1. Reflect on your key career aims and activities in order to be more assertive in this regard on Thursday when the Moon unites with Venus and the shadow of the void cycle has passed.

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