January 18, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Is your mind open to receiving cosmic seed-ideas that can transform your life and the lives of your dear ones? That question is at the core of the Superior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury (energizing 29 degrees of Capricorn at 12:57AM PST).

In the astronomical terminology of this solar systemic event, the Earth, Sun and Mercury are lined up. Mercury is increasing in its daily speed and also on the far side of the Sun. The eminent astrologers Dane Rudhyar and Dr. Marc Edmund Jones would refer to this as a Full Mercury — when the Universal Mind of divine attributes would be seeking entrance into eager human intellects. Write down revelations in a special journal in order to review your progress in transforming profound ideas into a lucrative enterprise on terra firmer.

A couple of hurdles may be in your path as the First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase clocks in at 3:46PM PST (activating 30 degrees of Capricorn and Aries). Cut through obstacles in your path and manage your business affairs with greater finesse. Shortly thereafter, a Moon-Mercury square (4:41PM PST) begins a short void lunar cycle that lasts until 5:37PM PST.

When the void is over at 5:37PM PST, greet earthy Taurus Moon with enthusiasm. Get back on the fitness track over the next two days. A late-night zodiacal shift by Mercury into Aquarius (11:26PM PST) opens the gates of Aquarian intuition, innovation and eccentricity just 14 hours before the Sun makes the same transition.

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