January 25, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

This is a good point in the calendar to remind you that the two days before any Full Moon constitute a 48-hour time-period to prepare for the enlightening vibrations about to be released during the solar-lunar monthly climax. Therefore, yesterday and today are kind of warm-up exercises for Saturday’s illumination of humanity.

It doesn’t hurt to be a goodwill ambassador to as many people as possible since Mercury squares Saturn (10:43AM PST). It is hard to sugarcoat a Mercury-Saturn encounter like this and pessimism can emerge from its manifestation. Your job is stay upbeat despite the shadowy nature of this challenging aspect as well as a void lunar uncertainty cycle that begins at 12:36PM PST and doesn’t end until tomorrow morning at 6:21AM PST.

The 17+ hours of lunar void-of-course activity remind you to go with the cosmic flow, cease worrying about trivial pursuits, and to keep your eyes on the prize of the Full Moon spiritual essence.

Fortunately, one of two annual Sun-Jupiter trines clocks in at 7:57PM PST — appearing to offer a providential cornucopia of assorted goodies to keep your self-reliance going at full blast. Don’t allow a Venus-Jupiter 135-degree aspect (9:15PM PST) to send you on a wild-goose chase in the arts or business realms.

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