January 28, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

It may seem like the recent Full Moon is ancient history, but you want to keep sending out uplifting thoughts to dear ones and the greater community based on the revelations received during this past Saturday night. Aiding you in this effort is a Pallas-Uranus union at 6 degrees of Aries (1:15PM PST) — a stunning tour-de-force on mental levels that has enormous innovative potential.

However, the monthly Moon-Mars opposition from Leo to Aquarius (9:00AM PST) not only equates with a rising tide of emotional discontent, but it also starts a 6+ hour void lunar twilight zone that lasts until 3:28PM PST. If this sounds somewhat familiar, it is because the New Year began in the same fashion on January 1 and 2 with a void lunar cycle in Leo morphing into earthy Virgo Moon.

While the Pallas-Uranus conjunction happens officially during the lunar void zone, its ability to sharpen your mind and sense can continue into the evening hours. Once the Moon is safely located in Virgo terrain (3:28PM PST), focus your attention on sprucing up your residential and office environments. Out with clutter; in with order. Sewing, knitting and needlepoint can capture your imagination. Reading, writing and research are always highlighted with the Moon in the sixth sign of the zodiac.

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