January 31, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

The last day of January 2013 has a few tricks up its sleeve. What is supremely helpful is yesterday’s Jupiter turnaround in Gemini — giving hope and renewed confidence that big projects can eventually lead to handsome profits in the long run.

The main source of discord is a Mars-Saturn parallel (5:03AM PST) at 13 degrees south of the Celestial Equator. This Mars-Saturn connection behaves like a zodiacal conjunction and it may remain influential for a good portion of this 24-hour time-period. When the red planet and the ringed planet hook up like this, it’s easy to become your own worst enemy and create unnecessary problems. An abrasive, 45-degree tie from Mercury to Pallas (9:54AM PST) adds another layer of difficulty to the situation.

However, the cosmos begins changing its tune by orchestrating a Grand Triangle in air signs — composed of a Moon trine to Jupiter from Libra to Gemini (10:02AM PST) followed later on by a Moon trine to the Sun from Libra to Aquarius (9:05PM PST). On this creative, affirmative and mind-expanding note, the three air signs offer humanity gifts of the heart, mind and spirit by simultaneously connecting both lights with the just-recently enriched Jupiter — now a very dominant celestial force.

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