February 07, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

The early astro-analysis for today is favorable due to a Moon-Venus parallel (1:22AM PST). Love vibrations are increasing in wavelength for the time-being. However, the Moon in Capricorn forms its monthly union with Pluto (3:21AM PST) and Mercury parallels Neptune (3:33AM PST). Psychic storm warnings are posted across the board — especially as a void lunar cycle starts at 4:45AM PST and lasts over 30 hours until 11:18AM PST tomorrow. The void lunar placement is a reminder to finish old business on a high note while leaving the launching of bold, new plans for a better day.

Do all in your power to keep love bonds stable and balanced as Mercury makes a frictional, 45-degree tie with Juno (7:04AM PST) while the Moon forms its monthly union with this same important asteroid (4:28PM PST). The latter aspect can also be utilized to be more fashion-conscious. Check out the latest styles and designs that can enhance your wardrobe and residence.

Steer clear of an evening battle of the wills as Mercury parallels Mars (9:26PM PST). This connection between the Messenger of the Gods and the Red Planet is actually a precursor for tomorrow morning’s zodiacal union of these celestial bodies in Pisces. Keep overnight decision-making to the bare minimum.

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