February 13, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Take full advantage of a rare day when almost all the alignments are favorable. As the Moon glides into its monthly union with Uranus in Aries (5:07AM PST), become more comfortable with your work on the high-technology horizon. Tap into your intuition to receive flashes of genius. There is more mental expansion afoot when the Moon makes a supportive, 60-degree liaison with giant Jupiter (6:02AM PST). Allow providence and good fortune to back you up when dealing with Big Business matters and professional opportunities.

The brilliant light of your higher mind continues to shine — courtesy of the monthly Moon-Pallas union (2:25PM PST). Build up your immunity system by adding high-nutrition fruits and vegetables to your diet. Word, board and card games top the charts. Romance beckons and the creative arts draw you like a magnet when the Moon forms a supportive, 60-degree rapport with Venus (9:52PM PST).

The one main hitch in the cosmic program today arrives with a thud at 11:20PM PST when the Sun makes a frictional, 45-degree tie with distant Pluto. Don’t lose hard-won gains by falling back into old behavior patterns that stifle your good intentions.

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