February 16, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

If you are sensing extra tensions building up in the psychic environment, join the club. Saturn in Scorpio is on the verge of making a station and reversing direction on Monday February 18. Just five days later — on February 23 — Mercury will take the plunge and begin making backstrokes in Pisces. While these sky changes are not inherently negative, many human beings — who are unaware of the astrological shifts — keep on trucking and attempting to take giant leaps forward when it may be better to reflect and review.

Right now the early hours show the need for peace and restraint as the Moon in Taurus makes its monthly opposition with Saturn in Scorpio (12:45AM PST) while Mars in Pisces squares off with Vesta in Gemini (2:05AM PST). Stop worrying about things you cannot control. In a fortuitous maneuver, Mars attempts to calm the waters of emotion by making a flowing trine with Saturn (8:15AM PST). Every so often the two traditional malefic planets try to make up and help you construct meaningful projects on terra firma.

Antique hunters and collectible aficionados may be finding unique and overlooked treasures this morning at garage sales and flea markets. It doesn’t hurt the realms of communication and transportation that the Moon and Mercury embrace via a supportive, 60-degree alliance (10:22AM PST). Enjoy a trek in the great outdoors (weather permitting) and make sure you are back on the exercise track.

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