February 20, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Patience is a cosmic virtue — particularly when the Moon is void and you are itching to get going with a significant enterprise. As this day begins, the Moon in Gemini is void until 2:46AM PST when the lunar orb will enter its natural abode of Cancer. It is fine to complete old business under a void-of-course Moon cycle, but wisdom dictates waiting until the lunar shift before activating new or bold plans.

Cancer Moon places an emphasis on family and residential matters. Don’t be surprised if a wave of nostalgia washes over you as the past often comes alive with the Moon in the fourth sign of the zodiac. Rummage through boxes, the attic or basement for memorabilia, old photo albums, and school yearbooks. Clean-up campaigns are back in style. Make the kitchen and bath areas shine again. Allow your culinary talents to tantalize relatives with tasty treats — especially as the Moon forms flowing trines to the Sun (7:05AM PST), Neptune (8:25AM PST), and Chiron (8:43PM PST). The latter aspect opens the gates of healing forces in a prominent manner.

The big event of the day arrives later on when the Sun makes its annual union with Neptune at 3 degrees of Pisces (11:20PM PST). The inner cinematographer awakens as your creative imagination is energized. Be a visionary pioneer in art, photography, film-video work, music or dance. Spiritual studies are a lifeline to the invisible universe and divine consciousness.

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