February 22, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

The cosmos is in a fairly peaceful state for the moment as the Mercury reversal does not take effect until 1:42AM PST tomorrow morning. Before that happens, there is still an immense gulf between theory and reality since the Moon is void in watery Cancer and waiting to shift gears into fiery Leo at 2:13PM PST.

Clean-up efforts around your office or home are still warranted with the Moon in the fourth zodiacal sign. Cooking and baking — in accordance with Grandma’s old-world recipes — can lure relatives back to the dining room. Conduct research in almanacs, dictionaries and encyclopedias to add weight to your knowledge-wisdom acumen. Don’t get bitten by the jealousy or envy bug as Venus makes a frictional, 45-degree tie with sometimes ornery Pluto (12:54PM PST).

Once the Moon leaves void status in Cancer by entering fiery, regal Leo (2:13PM PST), it is natural to think like a member of a royal house. Your warmhearted and sunny character can act as a temporary magnet — bringing new friends and associates into your circle of dear ones. Remember to emphasize a magnanimous disposition rather than selfishness (the lower level or shadow side of the fifth sign of the zodiac). Get ready for Mercury’s turn retrograde early tomorrow — easily influencing all of Saturday.

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